Jeremy Duffy
MS, CISSP - Tech safety & Leadership Specialist
Jeremy speaks at the University of Advancing Technology


Whether risk management or building a culture of collaboration, everything starts by empowering people. By sharing awareness, perspective, and the lessons from his unique experience, Jeremy will instill the cultural norms necessary for business security and stability.


Using the principles of “Edu-tainment”, Jeremy uses appropriate humor, examples from real life situations, and an upbeat tempo to keep attendees engaged.

"Jeremy presented the topic on a personnel level. He speaks from experience and has vast knowledge on his subject. He does not speak down to the audience nor does he assume that we should know what he is presenting. "
National OPSEC Conference
Jeremy shares tech safety with university students


Using relevant and relatable examples, Jeremy demonstrates how dangerous lacking awareness can be. The content can be sometimes scary, but is coupled with workable countermeasures and actionable advice to counter the threats. Most of all, he will show you how to adjust your perspective and expanded your view to defend not just against today's threats, but tomorrow's as well!


In tech, in risk management, in the workplace; being our best selves requires safety and security. When bad actors or bad culture get in the way, awareness and action are the key! Jeremy will handle the awareness part - opening minds to unexpected possibilities and, in so doing, arming your people to take better informed and more holistic action.

"Jeremy was an excellent presenter who knew his topic and kept the audience engaged. I enjoyed this presentation so much, that I rearranged my schedule to take other classes offered by Jeremy."
--Attendee (National OPSEC Conference)

Jeremy's Customers

From Alaska to Florida, Hawaii to DC, Here are just some of the organizations who've benefited from Jeremy's experience.

 ● US Air Force
 ● US Army
 ● US Coast Guard
 ● US Navy
 ● US Joint Forces Command
 ● National Security Agency (NSA)
 ● Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI)
 ● Center of Academic Excellence
 ● CSE, Canda
 ● Defense Info. Systems Agency
 ● Defense Security Service
 ● Dept. of Homeland Security
 ● Foreign Service Institute
 ● National Defense University
 ● Defense Logistics Agency (DLA)
 ● Missile Defense Agency (MDA)
 ● Department of State

Jeremy Duffy, MS, CISSP - Tech Safety & leadership Specialist

Jeremy is a former employee of the National Security Agency who shared Operations Security and tech safety principles to the full alphabet of federal agencies ranging from the FBI, to the DLA, MDA, NRO, NIST and at the Pentagon. At the same time, he was recognized as one of the NSA’s five top employee advocates by the agency Anti-Harassment Campaign and served as an elected Workforce Matters Advocate helping senior executives to build trust and battle workplace toxicity through a culture of listening and full-scope collaboration.

With insights gained from 16 years behind the NSA veil, Jeremy shares unique lessons in leadership and information safety - delivered with award winning speaking and instruction skills - to help organizations stay secure, operate efficiently, and build a positive work culture.

"Very well organized and knowledgeable of all material. Enthusiastic! Great job. Humorous and effective."
Class attendee
Interagency OPSEC Support Staff

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Are You Listening?

Lessons in Waste, Abuse, and Mismanagement from the Agency that Doesn't Listen

In the National Security Agency, harassment victims faced disinterest and escalation. Employees were mocked, insulted, and kicked out the door for raising issues. And I watched the agency falsify security records to justify revoking my clearance in an attempt to discourage me from sharing our stories.

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The Showcase

An assortment of NSA coins I earned. From the left: Capabilities Directorate, ADET, Workforce Support, and my second Director's coin. The NAVY CIO offsite where I presented OPSEC and SNS. I recall they had someone there who was teaching about ID theft, but didn't even mention Security Freezes. Baffling. My graduation certificate from the Defense Civlian Emerging Leaders Program I attended in 2019. I met some really great people and learned a lot. One of two NSA Director's coins I was given for being proactive about asking questions in his Town Hall events. The second year, I think he recognized me and hesitated a little when he handed over the coin. Going to the Pentagon was definitely a once in a lifetime experience (though I was there a few times overall). I was glad to be a part of the Job Shadow Day event. A briefing for the FBI. Definitely a bucket-list item to speak to another of the big three :) This is my entry for the 2017 OPSEC Symposium where I briefed 'OPSEC is a Waste of Time' to rave reviews. This is a letter of appreciation for my 2017 OPSEC Symposium briefing - 'OPSEC is a Waste of Time'. It can't be said the NSA OPSEC office didn't have a sense of humor! I won a Faculty of the Quarter award, but when they told me to show up to a meeting without any details, I thought I was getting fired. The coolest goodbye gifts I've gotten from an office. A Torii gate-themed thank you plaque from DSRJ. My 10-year employee pin from the NSA. It took some time and effort to get given that they didn't manage the process well and I had to petition for them to get it and send it to me. A challenge coin that I got from the FBI. It's actually quite small - about the size of a 50-cent piece.

What can Jeremy do for you?

Seminars & Briefings
Workshops & Training

For your security day, conference, seminar, etc., Jeremy can bring or create a presentation that will stand out and sink in.

This format is best for between one and three key points or messages at a time. Security awareness, leadership, collaboration: pick your topic and let me wow your people!

Workshops are for smaller audiences who want to try their hands at the topics being discussed: tightening one's online presence, advanced search and monitoring skills, or developing a personal security profile. Don't forget listening skills, morale, and building workplace trust!

This format is great for building a lasting impression, but is best with smaller audiences (up to 20).

How is your security awareness program? Is it making a dent? Keeping people engaged? What about your culture? Are people responding to calls for collaboration or do they stay silent?

With a decade of experience fighting bureaucracy and giving voice to employees, Jeremy can show you the blockages and barriers that prevent keep your workforce silent and disinterested.

"Instructor was wonderful! Extremely knowledgeable, great presentation style and enthusiastic. This course definitely succeeded in giving me the tools and awareness I need to evaluate information I post on-line."
Class attendee
National Defense University

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